1F95 | Maytag® 90 Series Programmable Thermostat

  • Easy Operation: This thermostat’s interactive display and smart system controls make it simple to operate.
  • Saves Energy: Maximize the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system by setting a comfort schedule. This way you can heat and cool your home based on your needs.
  • Big Touchscreen: This thermostat not only has a large touchscreen, but one of the largest touchscreens in the heating and cooling industry.

When no one is home, it is not cost effective to run your heating and cooling equipment. Programmable thermostats help save energy by working according to your schedule. With the Maytag® 90 Series Blue Touchscreen thermostat you can program your heating and cooling equipment to run according to your daily schedule — helping to deliver premium home comfort, but only when you need it.

14 - 15 SEER Fixed Speed Air Handler

  • Corrosion Resistant Finish: The cabinet of this air handler is constructed using galvanized steel coated in a polyester-urethane finish that resists corrosion.
  • Tough Coil Technology Is All Aluminum: Increased corrosion resistance is achieved with this unit’s all-aluminum Anteater MC® Micro-Channel coil.

Pair the Maytag® B6EMMX air handler with one of our air conditioners or heat pumps to complete your central cooling system. This unit is durable due to an all-aluminum coil and a dependable outer cabinet coated in a corrosion-resistant finish.

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13 SEER High Efficiency

  • The MSH4BD is No Longer Available: Due to changes in efficiency standards. If you want something similar, check out the MSH4BE.
  • Sturdy Galvanized Steel Exterior: The finish that coats the galvanized steel exterior of this system is a 1.5 mil thick, polyester-urethane finish that resists corrosion.
  • Make It Even More Efficient: This unit can enjoy maximum efficiency with proper system matching. When paired with an air handler or gas furnace that uses an energy-efficient motor, this heat pump can reach its maximum efficiency potential.

For up to 14-SEER cooling and 8.5 HSPF heating, turn to the MSH4BD. A standard-efficiency unit can still help you save money on heating and cooling costs when compared to older units. Make sure you pair this unit with the correct coil or air handler in order to maximize the heat pump’s efficiency.

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Up to 15 SEER, Single-Stage, Split System Heat Pump

  • Micro-Channel Coil Technology: All- aluminum Micro-Channel coils combat coil leaks by fighting corrosion.
  • Increased Protection of Interior Components: Crucial components are protected from damage and corrosion with this stainless steel jacket.
  • Carefully Designed Jacket: This unit is designed using heavy-duty materials. The galvanized steel jacket is durable and coated with a corrosion-resistant, polyester-urethane finish.

Looking for exceptional, energy-efficient performance? The Maytag® M1200 PSH4BE air source heat pump could be the solution to your heating and cooling needs. When you pair this unit with an air handler or gas furnace that has an energy-efficient motor, you can maximize the efficiency and comfort of your home heating and cooling system. Ask your local contractor about proper system matching. They will be able to let you know just which system matches maximize the efficiency of this heat pump.

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Up to 16 SEER, Two-Stage, Split System Heat Pump

  • Increase Comfort with Multiple Stages of Operation: Two-stage heating and cooling performance increases a home’s comfort levels. This is because two stages of operation result in more even temperatures and better dehumidification capabilities.
  • Increased Durability with Stainless Steel: This unit’s stainless steel jacket provides durability and a high degree of corrosion resistance.
  • Tough and Reliable: This unit is constructed using heavy-duty maerials - like the galvanized steel jacket coated in a corrosion-resistant, polyester-urethane finish.

This up to 16-SEER heat pump offers premium comfort levels and energy-efficient performance. Through proper system matching, you can maximize the efficiency of this unit. With the right furnace and coils or air handler, you can get up to 16-SEER cooling efficiency and 9 HSPF heating efficiency. Ask your contractor for the specific rating of the complete heating and cooling system you want.

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Up to 22 SEER, iQ, Inverter-Driven, Split System Heat Pump

  • Smart: Capacity modulation is key when it comes to the high-efficiency performance of iQ Drive units. This unit is able to modulate between 40% and 118% capacity using an inverter-driven rotary compressor. This means the unit is able to exactly offset the heating and cooling demands of your home at any given time.
  • Ultimate Sound Reduction: Extremely quiet operation comes standard with an iQ Drive heat pump. This unit operates at sound levels down to 59 dBA.
  • A More Comfortable Home: Because the Maytag® iQ Drive heat pump runs longer at very low levels, it provides superior dehumidification for a more comfortable home.

The award-winning Maytag® M1200 PSH4BI iQ Drive series of air-source heat pumps offers ultra-high efficiency, comfort and performance. This particular heat pump was voted a top choice by a leading consumer magazine multiple times.

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